I'm a journalist reporting on international politics, technology, privacy and social issues. I'm a strong advocate for digital rights. You can find my tips on protecting your online rights and privacy here.


I have strong knowledge and experience in the emerging fields of artificial intelligence, quantum computers and blockchain. 

Currently, I work at WikiTribune, the online collaborative news platform launched in 2017 by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales.

I've broken major stories, notably a $60 million hack from crypto-mining marketplace NiceHash, which remains the most-read piece on WikiTribune. Along with a colleague, I've also exposed the NSA’s attempt to implement its standardised encryption (Simon and Speck), which was rejected by the International Organization for Standardization.

I've written for numerous websites and publications, including WikiTribune, Bauer Publications (New York), Tech City UK, Marvel App, Swipe and ROOMS Magazine. 

I've also given public talks on collaborative journalism, the power of crowds and the intersection of politics and technology.

I'm a proud member of The Second Source, a network of women fighting to end harassment in the news media. It seeks to promote awareness of the problem, inform people of their rights, and work with organisations to create change.

Based in London, I've also worked in Asia and the United States. I'm fluent in Vietnamese.

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